1. Parties

  1.1. You (here and hereinafter referred to as the customer), from one side, and SIA “Area IT” reg. No. 45403023595, VAT reg. No. LV45403023595, (here and hereinafter Area IT), from other side, without fraud, coercion and deceit, based on the effective legislation of the Republic of Latvia conclude the following contract:  

  1. Subject of the contract

  2.1. Area IT provides the services to the Client specified in this contract (hereinafter referred to as the Services), and the customer undertakes to pay for these services, according to the customer’s chosen tariff plan and the terms of this contract. The amount of Area IT services, technical parameters, tariff plans and settlement procedure is determined in Annex no. 1 to this contract (available at the address: https://area.lv/en/hostings and https://area.lv/en/Domenu-registracija)  

  1. Settlement procedure

  3.1. Payment for services shall be made before receipt of the services according to the selected payment procedure based on the invoice of Area IT, within 7 (seven) days of the invoice. The invoices are prepared electronically and are valid without signature. Value added tax is included in the price of the contract.  

  1. Terms of Use of Services

  4.1. Customer assumes full responsibility for any action he performs using services  

  4.2. The Customer undertakes to follow the terms of use of services – https://area.lv/lv/lietosanas-noteikumi  

  4.3. If the customer orders a domain registration service in .lv area, the customer is obliged to familiarize himself with the domain registration terms in .lv zone – http://www.nic.lv/resource/show/15  

  4.4. If the customer ordered a domain registration service in another area, the customer is obliged to familiarize themselves with the domain registration rules in the other zones-https://area.lv/en/domen-registrations- Ja Klients pasūta domēna reģistrācijas pakalpojumu citā zonā, klienta pienākums ir iepazīties ar domēna reģistrācijas noteikumiem pārējās zonās – https://area.lv/lv/domenu-registracijas-noteikumi  

  1. Customer obligations

  5.1. The customer must hold the password in secret and the customer assumes full responsibility for the taken actions using it.  

  1. Area IT rights

  6.1. Area IT undertakes to guarantee 99.9% continuous approach to the ordered services , except outside the Contractor’s influence and control, including Internet interruptions due to third parties, which the Contractor could not eliminate.

  6.2. Area IT makes backup copying of the hosting customers accounts once a day. Each customer is responsible for copying the information stored in their account if more backups are required than the service provider ensures.  

  6.3. Area IT provides the database and software protection against illegal copying to the best of its abilities.  

  1. Customer account closure

  7.1. Area IT reserves the right for time or to completely close the customer account in case of:  

  1. a) Customer violates the terms of this contract
  2. b) Customer delays the payment of services for more than 14 days
  3. The term of the contract and its termination

  8.1. The contract enters into force at the time of completion and the automatic creation of the hosting account whose access details the customer receives in the e-mail  

  8.3. The Customer may unilaterally terminate the contract before the term of the contract, informing Area IT till the end of the paid period by sending a relevant notice to the contractor’s e-mail info@area.lv.  

  8.4. In all cases of termination of this contract, a final settlement for the services provided to the customer is to be made between the parties until the account is closed, and only at this moment the contract is considered to be terminated.  

  1. Force majeure

  9.1. Neither party shall be responsible for failure to comply with the obligations of the contract if it was caused by the circumstances of force majeure, which the party could not foresee, control or prevent, and not occurred due to the fault of the party. Natural disasters, fires, war, civic unrest, uprising, strikes, epidemics, embargo, restrictions or losses in the energy supply.  

  1. Applicable legislation and dispute resolution

  10.1. The parties will follow the effective legislation of Republic of Latvia in all issues that are not provided in this Agreement.  

  10.2. All disagreements related to the contract are resolved through mutual negotiations. If it is not possible to reach an agreement – in court in accordance with the procedures specified in the regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia.  


The distance contract is prepared electronically and is valid without signature.