SIA Area IT (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us” and “our”) undertakes to protect the privacy of each individual who uses our services, visits our website and communicates with us. 

The aim of this Privacy Policy is to provide you with information on the purpose, volume, protection, processing period and the rights of the data subject during the acquisition of data, as well as processing the customer’s personal data.

We will collect and process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law and other applicable legislation, which is amended from time to time.

The manager of personal data processing is SIA Area IT, reg. No: 45403023595, legal address Ozolnieki-1, Daugsese, Jaunjelgava region, LV-5111.

Contact information on the processing of personal data is

The scope of the document application

Personal data is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person.

Privacy policy is applied to provide privacy and personal data protection to:

natural persons – customers and other Area IT service users (including potential, former and existing),

as well as third parties who receive or transfer any information to Area IT in relation to the provision of services to a natural person

(including contacts, payers, etc.);

The visitors of Area IT website and mobile apps and callers to Area IT support phone

Privacy policy applies to data processing, regardless of the shape and/or environment the Customer provides personal data (Area IT website, customer system, paper format or by telephone) and in which company systems or paper it is processed. 

For specific data processing (e.g. cookie processing, etc.), the environment, the purposes, the additional, specific terms and conditions can be specified about which the customer is informed at the time he provides appropriate data to Area IT.

Personal data processing purposes

Area IT processes personal data for the following purposes:

For the provision of services:

    Customer identification;

    Preparation, conclusion of the contract and proof of the conclusion fact;

    installation and provision of services (fulfilment of contract obligations);

    provision / maintenance of services;

    Guarantee obligations;

    improvement of services, development of new services;

    promotion, advertising and distribution of the use of the service;

    customer service;

    applications and objections for consideration and processing;

    retention of customers, lifting loyalty, satisfaction measurements;

    payments administration;

    to maintain and improve the websites.


For business planning and analytics:

    for maintaining and analysing statistics;

    panning and accounting;

    efficiency measurement;

    data quality assurance;

    report preparation;

    customer surveys;

    Risk management activities.

Provision of information, information systems and company security.

Provision of information to public authorities and operational authorities in the cases and extent specified in external regulatory enactments.

Other specific purposes, the customer is informed at the time he provides relevant data to Area IT.

Legal basis for personal data processing

Area IT processes the customer’s personal data based on the following legal bases:

for the conclusion and fulfilment of the contract – to conclude the contract after receipt of the customer’s application and to ensure its execution;

for the enforcement of regulatory enactments – in order to comply with the obligation of the Area IT provided in the binding external regulatory enactments;

according to the client consent – the data subject;

legitimate interests – to realize the liabilities between the Area IT and the client or the agreement concluded, or the legitimate interests of the Area IT provided in the law;

to ensure the vital interests of the data subject or other natural person – to ensure the physical and property security of persons employed by Area IT. 

Area IT legitimate interests:

    To perform commercial activity;

    To provide electronic communications services;

    To verify the identity of the customer before entering into the contract;

    To ensure fulfilment of contractual obligations;

    To eliminate unjustified financial risks for its commercial activities (incl., perform credit risk assessment before the sale of goods and services and during the execution of the contract);

    To keep customer applications and submissions for the provision of services, other applications and submissions, notes on them, incl., made in writing or orally by calling the support hotline, on the website and in the customer system;

    To record conversations with the customer on the provision, maintenance, settlement of service activities, to carry out quality control of customer service;

    To record conversation with the client to organize the fulfilment of the contractual obligations;

    To record conversation with the client, during which an oral contract is concluded, to prove the fact of concluding the contract;

    To analyse the operation of Area IT Websites, develop and implement their improvements;

    To administer client account on Area it websites;

    To take actions to retain customers;

    To segment customer database for more efficient service delivery;

    To develop services;

    To advertise services;

    To send other reports on the progress of the execution of the contract and events relevant for the execution of the contract;

    To monitor the operation of services to detect technical problems, as well as illegal actions and eliminate them;

    To prevent fraud;

    To provide and improve service quality;

    To administer payments;

    To apply to public administration and operational authorities and to the court for the protection of their legal interests;

    to inform the public about its activities.

Personal data protection

Area IT provides, constantly reviews and improves protective measures to protect customer personal data from unauthorized access, accidental loss, disclosure or destruction. To ensure this, Area IT applies modern technology, technical and organizational requirements, including using firewalls, intruder detection, analysis software and data encryption.

Categories of personal data recipients

Area IT does not disclose the customer’s personal data to third parties or any information obtained during the service provision and the contract, except:

if the relevant third party shall transfer the data within the framework of the concluded contract to perform a function required or delegated by law (for example, to the bank within the payment);

according to the client’s clear and unambiguous consent;

persons specified in external regulatory enactments upon their reasoned request, in accordance with the procedures and to the extent prescribed by external regulatory enactments;

For the protection of Area IT legitimate interests, for example, in court or in other state institutions against a person who has violated these legitimate interests of Area IT in the cases specified in external regulatory enactments.

Access of subjects of third -countries to personal data

Personal data collected by Area IT is not transferred to countries that are not EU and EEA Member States.

Duration of personal data storage

Area IT stores and processes the customer’s personal data while there is at least one of these criteria:

only as long as the contract with the customer is valid (including, the conversation in which the oral contract / service application is concluded);

The data is necessary for the purpose for which it has been received;

while Area IT or Customer may carry out their legitimate interests in accordance with the procedures specified in external regulatory enactments (for example, to submit objections or to bring a lawsuit or carry out court proceedings);

While one of the parties has legal obligation to store data;

While the Customer’s consent to the relevant processing of personal data is valid, if there is no other legitimate basis for the processing of data.

After the circumstances referred to in this clause, the customer’s personal data is deleted.

Records of the conversations with the Customer on service provision, maintenance, payment, based on the legitimate interests of Area IT, are stored for 6 (six) months after the date of recording of the conversation, and then deleted.

Access to personal data and other customer rights

The Customer is entitled to the information specified in regulatory enactments regarding the processing of his data. Customer information is available in the customer system, where the customer can verify the correctness of his data and, if necessary, to manage the data, including, to change it.

The Customer is also entitled to request Area IT access to its personal data, as well as to require Area IT to supplement, correct or delete, or restraint of processing customer’s data, or the right to object to the processing (including processing of personal data performed on the basis of the legitimate interests of Area IT) as well as the right to data portability.

Customer can submit a request for its rights: 

via e -mail, signed with a secure electronic signature; 

by authorization in the customer system

Upon receipt of the customer’s request for their rights, Area IT verifies the client’s identity, evaluates the request and fulfils it in accordance with the regulatory enactments.

The Area IT reply shall be sent to the customer electronically by e-mail or in the customer system

Area IT provides data processing and protection requirements in accordance with the regulatory enactments and, in the event of a client’s objections, performs necessary actions to resolve the objection. However, if it fails, the Customer is entitled to contact the Supervisory Authority – the Data State Inspectorate.

Communication with the Customer 

Area IT does communicate with the Customer using the contact information specified by the Customer – email address, telephone number, mailing address.

Area IT communicates on the fulfilment of the contractual obligations of services on the basis of the contract.

Commercial notifications

Commercial notifications on the services of Area IT and/or third parties and other non -direct services (such as customer surveys) are performed by Area IT in accordance with the external regulatory enactments or in accordance with the Customer’s consent. 

The Customer can agree to receive Area IT commercial notifications by authorizing in the customer system

The consent given by the Customer to commercial notifications is valid until its withdrawal (also after the termination of the Service contract). The customer may, at any time, refuse to receive further commercial notifications in one of the following ways:

Making a corresponding mark in your user account in the customer system;

by sending an email to

Website visits and cookies processing

Area IT websites can use cookies.

Area IT websites may include links to third -party websites, which have their own use and personal data protection terms and conditions, and Area IT is not responsible for them.

Other provisions

When using the website, you agree to this privacy policy. If you do not agree with this policy, please not use the website. Area IT reserves the right to change this policy at any time. If you continue to use the Area IT website after changes is made in our privacy policy, this will confirm your consent to these changes.