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Account Creation

Your hosting account will be created automatically within a few minutes of the application being completed on the area.lv home page. YOU MUST indicate a valid e-mail address upon registration. Your e-mail address will also be used to contact you in the future.
Once your e- mail address is indicated full responsibility is taken from your side that the email is valid and notifications sent from AREA IT will be read and acknowledged.
If false information is provided your hosting account may be blocked without warning.

All the services we offer may only be used within the scope of the law, which applies to the legislation of the Republic of Latvia and the European Union. The customer agrees to pay the fees and to satisfy any claims in case of violation of the laws by LR and EU.
It is prohibited to deploy the following programs to our servers and to use our services for the following actions and file deployment:
Materials whose placement infringes copyright
IRC Scripts/Bots
Warez websites and pirated programming
Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers
Autosurf/ptc/PTS/PPC pages
IP scanners;
Mail Bombers/spam scripts
Websites containing child pornography
Hacker Pages and Programs
Game servers
Internet radio and TV
Storage of video/audio files
Storage Backup Files
Torrent trackers and similar pages
Inbound socket connections
Other pages that offer illegal file sharing between users

Area IT services strongly prohibit the sending of spam e-mail, as well as sending e-mails to a large number of recipients without the prior consent.
In case of violation of this rule, the hosting account will be blocked without warning.

Use of resources
Following steps are prohibited:
Use 25% or more system resources for more than 90 seconds. There are several options that can lead to the following: CGI SCRIPTS, FTP, PHP, HTTP, ETC.
Run background processes that include any daemon, such as IRCD
Run software that works with IRC
Run game servers
Run regular scripts (crontab) more frequently than 10 minutes.
Hosting plans are designed for webpage support. Hosting plans are not allowed to be used as a data storage facility for files that are not related to website operation.
It is not allowed to use the disk space of the hosting plan for backup storage;
To ensure stable service performance for all customers, hosting plans have CloudLinux resource limits that protect against cases where overload of one particular hosting account causes service breaks for other hosting accounts.

Hosting plan limits
CPU: 100%
Entry Processes/EP: 10
IO: 1.0 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 250 000

CPU: 100%
RAM: 1.5 GB
Entry Processes/EP: 15
IO: 2 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 250 000

CPU: 100%
Entry Processes/EP: 20
IO: 3 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 250 00

CPU: 150%
RAM: 2.5 GB
Entry Processes/EP: 20
IO: 4 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 350 000
Maximum size of one MySQL database - 1GB.
Maximum number of tables per MySQL database - 2000

Limits for high-performance hosting plans:
CPU: 200%
RAM: 4.0 GB
Entry Processes/EP: 25
IO: 5 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 500 000

CPU: 300%
RAM: 6.0 GB
Entry Processes/EP: 30
IO: 5 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 750 000

CPU: 400%
RAM: 8.0 GB
Entry Processes/EP: 35
IO: 5 MB/s
Inodes (amount of files): 1 000 000

Maximum size of one MySQL database - 3GB.
Maximum number of tables per MySQL database – 2000

Costs and capacity building
Area IT reserves the right to change the indicated prices on its webpage and to increase the capacity for the hosting plans
Area IT provides an unconditional refund within 14 days from the start of the hosting service. No refunds are made after a period of 14 days. The Refund Warranty does not apply to domain names, SSL certificates and distributed IP addresses. Only newly created accounts can receive full reimbursement, for example, if you have used our service in the past, stopped it and re-registered, you are not entitled to request a refund.

Backup Copies 

Area IT makes backup copies daily for all hosting accounts and holds them for 2 weeks.
Customer takes full responsibility for all the files and data that are placed on the server. Area IT does not take any responsibility for situations where backup copies may not be available for any reason, including damaged data, hardware failures or employee recklessness.
Backup copies are not created for virtual servers (GSP).
All backup files created by cPanel and Softaculous older than 72 hours are automatically deleted from the server. Files need to be downloaded and stored outside your hosting account.

Area IT does not take any responsibility for any losses your business may face.
In case of violation of the terms of use, the hosting account may be blocked without warning, and payment for unused period will not be returned. The relevant law enforcement authorities will be informed of the infringement of the rules that will violate the law of the LR.
Changes to the Rules
Area IT reserves the right to change the rules without prior warning.


Working hours

Technical support:
0:00 - 24:00
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